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Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan developed by a team of parents and school district staff.

IEP Meeting

The forum in which parents and the school district jointly determine the needs of a student with a disability and develop a program that will provide him with an appropriate education; intended by Congress to make parents and school districts operate as equal participants in decisions regarding the student’s educational plan. 34 CFR 320 through 34 CFR 324.

The plan lists specific services and goals a student will receive from the school district.

Due Process Hearings

If parents disagree with any or all portions of the IEP, they may request a due process hearing with the Officer of Administrative Hearing (“OAH”). At the hearing, both sides present evidence by calling witnesses and — documents to support their case. An OAH judge decides whether your child received or was offered a free and appropriate public education.


An informal process in which parents and school districts voluntarily resolve differences about issues such as identification, programming, or placement for a student with a disability without conduction a due process hearing. The dispute can also involve matters arising prior to the filing of a due process complaint 34 CFR 300.50b(a)


Our representatives are also available for presentations to support groups and resource fairs.

Workshops will include a Powerpoint presentation on:

  • “How to advocate for your child in Special Education”
  • “Changes to IDEA”
  • “Knowing Our Rights”

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Additional Resources

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