We make Special Education work for you!

The Law Offices of Keith E. Davis is staffed by experienced Special Education attorneys and advocates who have successfully represented parents in resolving numerous cases on behalf of children and young adults with special education needs. We are committed to the welfare of all children and work diligently with parents, therapists, and doctors to ensure that the school districts strictly comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”). 

Our Mission

To give children the opportunity to obtain the services they need and enable them to receive and ultimately achieve their academic goals.


Keith E. Davis

Keith Davis is a native of Los Angeles. After graduating from High School, he attended the University of Southern California where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He went on to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara and returned to U.S.C. obtaining his Law Degree.

Following law school, he practiced construction law for over seven years. He represented several construction contractors in litigation arising out of public and private works of construction. During this period, he appeared in federal and state courts throughout California on numerous occasions.

In 2004, he began to focus his practice on special education. He has provided legal representation for children with special needs by advocating for a free and appropriate public education. He also obtained reimbursements to cover costs for private evaluations, secured non-public school placements, earned compensatory education in the form of public and private tutoring and changed the placement and/or related services for children.

His interest in education does not end with practicing special education law. He has also taught Political Science courses at West Los Angeles College relating to the U.S. Government and Politics since 2002. Additionally, he has been a mentor and tutor to high school men through the Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program.

He began running the Education Empowerment Program in 2008. The Education Empowerment Program (EEP) is a service of the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center. This program can provide you with training about your rights and assign an advocate or attorney to you to help get educational services for your child. EEP is free to Regional Center consumers ages 3 – 22.

Keith is a member of Langston Bar Association, COPAA, and CAPAA. 

George Hernandez

Associate attorney George Hernandez proudly serves children with special needs.  He attends several Individualized Educational Program (“IEP”) meetings, and mediation on behalf of his clients. 

Mr. Hernandez has an appetite for the legal profession and began his legal experiences right out of high school.  He started by working in different positions in law firms while simultaneously receiving his bachelor’s degree in History.  He has held positions as a file clerk, legal assistant, law clerk, and legal secretary.  To gain as much knowledge and experience prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked in firms dealing in Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Special Needs Trusts, Estates, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation.  He now brings his experiences to the KED Law Group, APC as an associate attorney, and completing a full course meal of legal positions.    

While in law school, Western State College of Law, Mr. Hernandez was given the opportunity to expand his knowledge in two elective courses: Juvenile Law and Family Law.  Under the instruction of Honorable Maria Hernandez and the recently appointed Honorable Maria V. Torres, Mr. Hernandez researched and learned about the legal implications the law has on the daily lives of children.  At this point, Mr. Hernandez decided the population he wished to serve were children.   

Since Mr. Hernandez prefers to be busy, he also volunteered at Vantage Point Church in Eastvale California while in law school.  There, he was given the opportunity to be a volunteer for the ministry “Sidekicks.”  As a sidekick, Mr. Hernandez worked one-on-one with children with special needs so they could be a part of the Sunday school church services.  Mr. Hernandez has adopted the philosophy of Sidekicks – “Everyone Belongs.” 

When Mr. Hernandez is not studying or practicing the law you may find him hiking on one of the numerous hiking trails in Southern California.  He may also be seen at your local sushi bar!